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Back to Nature...Back to Yourself

Ten days of relaxationrejuvenation, and reconnection to nature and to your inner self on three of the most stunning islands in the Caribbean...

Stunning scenery
Rooting down in the rainforest
Local Flavours!
Short-finned Pilot Whales
Finding connection with the natural world
Red-backed Land Crab
Barbados Green Monkey

On this epic 10-day retreat, we will take our yoga practice into the heart of lush tropical rainforests, to the top of ancient volcanic mountains, and to the tranquil shores of the Caribbean Sea. You will experience a profound connection to the natural world by practising yoga in some of the most ecologically diverse habitats in the Caribbean. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to receive optional private Reiki healings, indulge in a Sound Healing Journey, experience an array of different yoga styles, develop your pranayama and meditation practice, and even try your hand at SUP Yoga! 


Your guide to all things birding - my wonderful husband, and founder of Birding the Islands Ltd, Ryan - will introduce you to the eclectic mix of avian species, together with the variety of flora and fauna found on these tropical paradise islands (and in some cases nowhere else in the world). You will be treated to fabulous views of critically endangered Amazona parrots; the melodious song of the Rufous-throated Solitaire; dazzling Purple-throated Caribs and the mysterious Blue-headed Hummingbird (which only resides in the elevations of Dominica's ethereal Cloud Forest).

In St. Lucia, you will also have the chance to learn about traditional Rastafarian herbal remedies and discover the island's influential connection to the sea. In Barbados, we explore the controversial history of the sugar industry in the Caribbean at one of the island's oldest working rum distilleries. We enter into the 'spirit of the fete' with a luxurious catamaran cruise on the sparkling azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, where we have the amazing experience of swimming with the turtles. In Dominica, we spend time with the Kalinago people - the island's original inhabitants - gaining insight into their rich culture and visiting the sacred site where these people landed on the island from their original settlement in South America. Here, we also take a breath-taking cruise off the Atlantic coast in search of whales!



Day 1 - St. Lucia 

  • Collection at Hewanorra International Airport, St. Lucia 

  • Visit to one of the island’s largest wetlands, where highlights include an array of aquatic species such as herons, grebes and waterfowl, along with resident and migrant warblers and cuckoos

  • Check-in to family owned and operated Foxgrove Inn

  • Nature Walk around the hotel grounds focusing on birds and amphibians

  • Welcome Circle & Heart Chakra moving meditation to open your heart centre 

  • Dinner freshly prepared by St. Lucian born, Parisian trained chef & co-owner Frank Ferdinand


Day 2 - St. Lucia

  • Breakfast on the open-air balcony at Foxgrove Inn overlooking the forested slopes above glittering Praslin Bay

  • Energising Vinyasa Flow at the gateway of the renowned Des Cartiers Tropical Rainforest

  • Guided Forest Walk to discover the many uses of indigenous flora in St. Lucian culture and heritage, along with numerous sightings of forest fauna (including River Crab, Rufous-throated Solitaire, Lesser Antillean Euphonia etc.) culminating in a wonderful encounter with St. Lucia’s National Bird - the magnificent St. Lucia Amazona Parrot

  • Lunch from a local eatery enjoyed on the beach 

  • A visit to a Red-billed Tropicbird colony atop one of St. Lucia’s highest peaks

  • Dinner featuring local cuisine at Foxgrove Inn

  • Relax and find peace with a rainforest-inspired Root Chakra Yoga Nidra 


Day 3 - St. Lucia

  • Therapeutic Hatha Yoga on the Pool Deck

  • Breakfast at Foxgrove Inn

  • Guided tour of a Rastafarian herbal garden focusing on the religion’s deep connection to the earth and the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the local plants cultivated therein

  • Visit to a unique ecotone home to a number of endemic bird species including St.Lucia Warbler and St.Lucia Oriole

  • Lunch with stunning views of Les Pitons

  • Drive through the crater of a dormant volcano and the opportunity to take a detoxifying mud bath in the sulphur springs - a once in a lifetime experience

  • Dinner and cocktails at the Foxgrove Inn


Day 4 - Dominica

  • Flight to Dominica

  • Visit with the Kalinago people - the island’s original inhabitants who still retain many of the traditions and culture of their ancestors

  • Kundalini style yoga inspired by the legend of L’Escalier Tête Chien - a sacred site of the Kalinago people - to bring our chakras into alignment and harness our life-force energy

  • Lunch as guests of the Kalinago

  • Check-in at Tamarind Tree Hotel

  • Visit to the nearby Northern Forest Reserve for encounters with Dominican endemic bird and reptile species including the dainty Plumbeous Warbler and highest-dwelling hummingbird of the trip - the endangered Blue-headed Hummingbird

  • Forest swim in a natural pool beneath a spectacular waterfall 

  • Dinner al fresco at the cliff-top restaurant at the Tamarind Tree Hotel


Day 5 - Dominica

  • Mystical Third Eye Chakra Balancing Yoga practice overlooking Salisbury Bay to connect with our intuition and give us a change in perspective

  • Breakfast at Tamarind Tree Hotel

  • A voyage on the seas off the coast of Dominica in search of resident Sperm Whales and other cetaceans and pelagic bird species

  • Lunch beside the historic Parliament buildings in Dominica’s capital city, Rosseau

  • An R&R afternoon with optional private rejuvenating Reiki treatments available or a ramble along the rugged Macoucherie Beach

  • Dinner at the Tamarind Tree Hotel


Day 6 - Dominica

  • Dawn excursion to Dominica’s mystical Cloud Forest for an audience with one of the rarest species on the planet - the majestic Imperial Parrot; together with many of Dominica’s other indigenous bird species including the threatened Red-necked Amazon, rare Forest Thrush and the resplendent Purple-throated Carib, as well as the forest’s many unique and splendid butterfly species

  • Meditative Crown Chakra Yoga Flow in the clouds to connect with the natural splendour of the surrounding forest

  • Lunch in the coastal fishing town of Portsmouth

  • Scenic boat ride up the picturesque Indian River with numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing and sampling of dynamite rum

  • Hip-Opening Sacral Chakra Yoga to ease discomfort, channel our creativity and find joy 


Day 7 - Barbados

  • Flight to Barbados 

  • Check-in at Butterfly Beach Hotel 

  • Lunch from a popular local eatery

  • Gentle Beach Yoga or optional SUP Yoga on the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea

  • Sunset beach walk followed by dinner at Oistins Fishing Village - popular with locals and tourists alike

Day 8 - Barbados

  • Exclusive dawn visit to the nearby Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary - the largest remaining mangrove wetland on Barbados and home to the greatest diversity of wildlife on the island

  • Local breakfast cuisine at Butterfly Beach Hotel

  • Private Catamaran Cruise from Barbados’s capital city, Bridgetown, including the chance to swim in the Caribbean Sea with turtles and snorkel amongst ship wrecks and coral reefs

  • Bhakti Yoga inspired Throat Chakra Meditation and Mantra aboard the catamaran 

  • R&R afternoon to enjoy the beach, pool, or an optional healing Reiki treatment to put you in the mood for the evening’s restorative Yin Yoga practice

  • Dinner on the beachside deck overlooking the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea


Day 9 - Barbados

  • Breakfast at Butterfly Beach Hotel

  • Strengthening Warrior Flow & Hold practice at North Point accompanied by the sound of the crashing waves of the Atlantic on the coral cliffs of the island’s northern shore 

  • Natural & Historical tour of the island featuring local folk stories and including a visit to St. Nicholas’ Abbey Great House & Rum Distillery 

  • Lunch at a popular local ‘rum shop’

  • Immersive Sound Healing Journey under the light of the Full Moon - nourishment for the body and soul

  • Dinner on the open-air deck followed by a reflective recap of some of the trip’s highlights

Day 10 - Barbados

  • Breakfast on Lookout Point above the gentle swells of Freight’s Bay where turtle spotting is as close to guaranteed as it gets

  • Nature walk through a deciduous coastal forest - home to troops of monkeys, hermit crabs and a variety of indigenous bird species 

  • Cliff top Creative Solar Plexus Chakra Yoga to ignite your internal fires 

  • Snorkelling the coral reefs of a secluded East Coast bay - home to Moray Eels, Reef Squirrelfish, Pufferfish, Blueheads, Damsel fish, Butterflyfish, Blue Tang and many more

  • Home-cooked lunch on the deck of a quintessentially Barbadian Rum Shop overlooking the breath-taking bay of Bathsheba

  • Closing Circle in celebration of the connections we've made before we say our farewells at Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados

For a more detailed itinerary for this incredible wellbeing & wildlife experience, please click below:



Total price: US$3,863* per person (or GBP equivalent at time of payment). 

NB: This price is based on double occupancy rates and full complement of clients.

Single Supplement (for those wishing to stay in a single room): an additional US$393*


Conservation Project: The tour price includes a generous donation to BirdsCaribbean – our conservation charity partner, dedicated to raising awareness amongst the local populations of the islands as to the plight of many of their indigenous bird species, promoting conservation and species monitoring, and funding a range of conservation projects (including those assisting the critically endangered Imperial Amazon). To find out more about their crucial efforts in the region, click here.


Included in Price: All flights between islands and boat and catamaran charges on and between islands; all local taxes; airport departure taxes; all accommodation; all pre-arranged food and drinks; all third party excursions (whale watching, drive-in volcano tour, etc.); transport to and from destinations on all islands; park admission fees; tour leader and guide fees; all yoga sessions with Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing’s RYT® 200 Yoga Teacher; and hotel and restaurant service charges.


Not Included in Price: Clients' flights to St. Lucia and back home from Barbados; SUP Yoga; Reiki treatments with Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing’s Usui Reiki Master; extra charges incurred for overweight or additional pieces of luggage on international or internal flights; travel insurance; laundering services; alcoholic beverages.

To find out more or to reserve your place on this heart, mind & eye-opening tour, please click below:

*Please note that the tour starts in St. Lucia and ends in Barbados. Should you wish to book a return international flight to and from St. Lucia to your home airport, we would be happy to organise a regional flight for you from Barbados to St. Lucia at an additional cost of $170.


**While every effort will be made to ensure that the actual itinerary for the tour remains the same as described above, slight amendments to the route through the islands may need to be adopted due to updated regional flight times. If for any reason activities listed above are not available at time of travel, a suitable alternative will be offered.

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