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Find connection with your Spirit Guides to help you rise out of the shadows

At Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing, we believe that everyone’s journey is different, and everyone’s journey is sacred. To help you on your path, we offer a range of Shamanic Healing techniques that - with the help of the spirits - can help you connect with your intuition and find your true direction.

We also offer Shamanic Retreats at our own private retreat centre in the Maya Mountains in Belize, and work with exclusive eco-retreats in Barbados, St. Lucia and Dominica to offer you the opportunity to connect deeply with your spiritual guides without the distractions of modern life.

If you're looking to further your understanding of Shamanic practices to enable you to begin your journey towards becoming a Shamanic Practitioner, we also offer Shamanic Practitioner Training, both in-person and online. 

To learn more about our Shamanic services, please see below:


Ever wondered what it takes to become a Shamanic Practitioner?

While the title of ‘Shaman’ can only be bestowed upon you by the spirits, your friends, family and community, or through inheriting the title, this does no mean that you cannot use Shamanic practices to facilitate the healing of those around you. If you feel called to the healing path, chances are that this is your destiny.

This training will provide you with the information you need to begin your new vocation as a Shamanic Practitioner. Bringing together wisdom learned from a variety of sources including ... you will learn to hone your skills, connect more deeply with your spirit guides, and ultimately find the ... to take on the responsibility of this sacred ...

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From out of the shadows, step into the light

Do you often feel a sense of misalignment in your life? As though something isn’t quite right, but you just can’t put your finger on the source of the problem? Do you need help finding the answers, but don’t know who to ask? Perhaps you need a little guidance from your helping spirits...

We offer a range of Shamanic Healing techniques:

Shamanic Journeying Facilitation

Soul Retrieval

Spirit Extraction



Plant & Crystal Spirit Medicine

Shamanic Journeying is a powerful tool that if correctly facilitated, can take you on a journey to Other Worlds to receive guidance and healing from your spirit guides. Spinning Arrow’s devoted Shamanic Practitioner can help facilitate your Shamanic Journeys in a safe and comfortable space so that you can receive the answers you truly need and the guidance you seek.

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