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4 Weeks to FEEL Better! Daily INspiration for a month in lockdown...

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

As the opening line of one of my favourite songs says by the ever magnificent Ray Charles says: “Here We Go Again”... While the news about the UK heading into another month of lockdown may have left you feeling a little like Phoebe 👇 at Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing, we’re here to turn you 'pla' into a 'playbook' to keep you positive and moving forward in all the ways that matter!

Let‘s face it - the winter months can be enough of a challenge and with the added pressure of a lockdown, it might feel a bit like you’re being kicked while you’re down. But what if rather than hibernating in your sweat pants, eating the entire contents of the fridge á la Bridget Jones... took a step along a path that could take you somewhere you never dreamed of? FYI one of the sessions I’ve got planned looks suspiciously like the above GIF (minus the self-pity) so if that’s your thing - I got you, too 😉!

I’m calling it: ‘4 Weeks to FEEL Better - 30 days of INspiration!’ and the idea is that every evening (AST) I’ll post a shiny new video to my YouTube channel here so that you can wake up to a daily INspiration practice to get you out of your head and INto your soul! While you’re spending a lot more time INside, take a journey INwards to discover more about your INner self.

Just another 30 day Yoga challenge I hear you say... Well, I’m not so sure you‘ve caught my drift yet... I’m not just talking about 30 days of Yoga - because that has been done - I’m talking 30 days of a whole bunch of different INspirational wellbeing tools to help you FEEL better, connect with your INtuition & set you on the path towards finding your true direction!

So what can Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing give you that I’m pretty sure you’re not going to find on your typical 30 day Yoga/fitness challenge? Well, let me tell you exactly what you’re looking at. It’s 15 - 60 minutes every day of:

*Vinyasa for the Win Yoga* *Rejuvenating Reiki* *Soft & Gentle Yoga* *Outta This World Shamanic Journeying* *Lotsa Lovin' Kindness Meditation* *Say Yes to Yin Yoga* *Spinning Arrow Tarot Reading* *Mindfully Mellow Mandala Making* *Revitalising Restorative Yoga* *Sumptuous Sound Bathing* *Back to Basics - Yoga for Beginners* *Yoga Philosophy for Curious Minds* *Tantric Hatha Yoga* *Positive Affirmation Meditation* *Mantra by Moonlight* *Find your Alpha State Yoga Nidra* *Shake It Out, Baby! - Ecstatic Dance* *Energy Boost - Chakra Balancing Yoga* *Kirtan & Coconut Water* *Don't Forget to Say Thank You - Gratitude Meditation* *Yoga to Unwind an Anxious Mind* *Mudra for Modern Life* *Just Breathe - Breath as Life-force Energy* *Yoga to Raise Your Vibration* *User-friendly Mindfulness* *Spoken Verse to Satisfy the Soul* *Body Positive Yoga* *Mystical Moon Magic* *Yoga of the Gods* *Eyes on the Prize - Trataka Meditation*

It all begins on Thursday 5 November where the first session of Spinning Arrow’s 4 Weeks to FEEL better - 30 days of INspiration will be waiting for you on my YouTube channel! All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE to receive a little reminder every day to tune IN and chill out!

I’ll also be posting the videos on my Facebook & Instagram, so make sure to like @SpinningArrowYoga and follow @spinning_arrow_yoga so you don’t miss out!

Looking forward to seeing you on the virtual mat! Remember to SHARE with all your friends and family to spread the love, light and laughter to make your lockdown life a little more uplifting.

I just KNOW you’re going to love the way it makes you FEEL 😍

With love & light ✨


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