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108 Surya Namaskar

... in the series of our workshops in collaboration with our conservation partner BirdsCaribbean. A donation-based series of classes with 100% of proceeds going towards supporting BirdsCaribbean's conservation work in the region.
108 Surya Namaskar

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Time is TBD
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In the ... in the series of our Yoga ... in collaboration with our conservation charity partner BirdsCaribbean, we will ... our 'Pose of the Month' Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

In Yoga philosophy, 108 is an auspicious number referring to to spiritual completion and humanity's relationship with the universe around us and within us.

108 Sun Salutations is most often practiced at the start of a new season to help your brain and body refocus and reset for what the universe has coming up for you. It's a way to exhaust your body so your divine energy can connect with its source.

This practice also allows you to create or hone in on an intention for the coming chapter of your life. So often we think we can only start over in a new year, a new month, or a new week, but the truth is we have all the power of a fresh start within us always! The 108 Sun Salutations practice helps us to realize that and really tap into it.

Modifications will be available to make this flow accessible for all.

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